World Airline Awards methodology

Operating since 1999, the World Airline Survey and Awards is held in high esteem for clarity of process and principles of independence. No outside sponsorship, payment or external influence is applied to any part of the Survey or Awards, making it a most respected global airline passenger study. The survey customer voting processes and awards results analysis were independently assessed in 2015 and noted to be fully compliant, transparent and independent.

This is the world’s largest, annual airline passenger satisfaction survey. The survey is not restricted to member airlines or a pre-selected choice of airline, and any airline in the world can be nominated. A key directive of the survey is for customers to make their own, personal choices as to which airline they consider to be the best, underlining the brand as the Passenger's Choice Awards.
The Survey and Awards Methodology for the 2016/2017 project are listed in detail below:
The survey was conducted from August 2016 to May 2017.

The online survey was hosted at

All entries are screened to identify each IP / user information, with duplicate or ineligible entries deleted.

A total of 105 customer nationalities participated in the survey.

Previous survey users were invited to participate (24 million pax database).

The costs of operating the survey are paid entirely by Skytrax.
19.87 million eligible survey entries counted in the final results.

Customer surveys were provided in English, Spanish and Chinese.

No payment or reward of any type is made to survey respondents, with all submissions on a voluntary basis.

320 airlines are featured in the survey results.

Airlines were able to invite customers to participate in the survey on a strictly voluntary basis.

Awards event has no charge for airlines to attend.
OUR GUARANTEE: Skytrax operate the Awards on a not-for-profit basis, applying rigorous monitoring to the survey process, and guarantee that there is no outside influence. The integrity and reputation of the Skytrax Passenger's Choice Awards relies on the ability to maintain transparency across all areas of the survey and awards format. Whilst some Award winning airlines may not be the favourite of everyone, Skytrax remind users that Award winning airlines are voted for by customers, and not by Skytrax.
Customers nominated their favourite airline or airline they considered to be best, and ranked their satisfaction (1 to 5 scale) for aspects of the travel experience (see below), across both the airport and onboard environments. Data weighting was applied to provide equity when evaluating airlines of different size. Any weighting uses passenger numbers for airlines featured in the Survey.
Survey questionnaire topics:
  1. Airline website
  2. Online booking
  3. Online check-in
  4. Baggage / carry-on policy
  5. Airport ticketing
  6. Check-in : waiting times
  7. Check-in : service standards
  8. Self Check-in
  9. Pre-boarding procedures
  10. Boarding efficiency
  11. Airport staff: friendliness
  12. Airport staff: efficiency
  13. Airline Lounge : product facilities
  14. Airline Lounge : staff efficiency
  15. Airline Lounge : staff hospitality
  16. Transfer services
  17. Arrival services
  18. Baggage Delivery

  20. Seat comfort
  21. Cabin cleanliness
  22. Toilet cleanliness
  23. Cabin lighting / ambience
  24. Cabin temperatures
  25. Cabin comfort & amenities
  26. Reading materials
  27. Airline magazine
  28. IFE screen & interface
  29. Choice of AV programming
  30. On demand AV options
  31. Cabin WiFi & connectivity
  32. Quality of meals
  33. Quantity of food
  34. Selection of meals
  35. Standard / choice of beverages
  36. Selection of buy-onboard F&B
  37. Prices of buy-onboard F&B

  39. Boarding assistance
  40. Service friendliness / hospitality
  41. Service attentiveness / efficiency
  42. Staff language skills
  43. Meal service efficiency
  44. Cabin presence thru flight
  45. Cabin PA announcements
  46. Cockpit PA information
  47. Assisting families
  48. Problem solving skills
  49. Staff attitudes
  50. Staff service consistency
  51. Staff Grooming

About the World Airline Awards

The World Airline Awards are most coveted Quality accolades for the airline industry, often referred to as "the Oscars of the aviation industry", and are a global benchmark of airline excellence. Travellers across the globe take part each year in the world’s largest airline passenger satisfaction survey to decide the winners. Skytrax Survey and Awards Methodology is fully transparent, and the processes remain 100% independent with no payment by any airline or other outside organisation for any aspect of the customer survey or Awards presentation event.

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