2017 World Airline Awards announced

Qatar Airways was announced the World's Best Airline at the SKYTRAX 2017 World Airline Awards. Voted Best Airline by travellers across the world in the annual passenger survey, the Doha based carrier has now won the prestigious Airline of the Year title for a fourth time. Qatar Airways enjoyed further success by winning major awards for the World's Best Business Class, the World's Best First Class Lounge and as the Best Airline in the Middle East.

Singapore Airlines, a perennial favourite in the awards was ranked No. 2 in the world, also receiving awards as the Best Airline in Asia, the World's Best Business Class seat and for having the Best Premium Economy Onboard Catering.

Referred to as the "Oscars of the aviation industry", the World Airline Awards are held in high esteem for clarity of process and independence, with no outside sponsorship or external influence. The survey voting processes and awards results analysis were subject to detailed, independent assessment by the UK advertising authority (ASA) in 2015 and found fully compliant, transparent and independent.

The survey enables any airline in the world to be nominated, allowing travellers to make their own choice, underlining the brand as the Passenger's Choice Awards.

19.87 million eligible survey entries were counted in the final results, and 105 nationalities participated in the survey from August 2016 to May 2017. The survey covered over 325 airlines, from largest international airlines to smaller domestic carriers, measuring Quality standards for 41 KPI’s across front-line product and service factors in the Airport and Onboard environments. View the full » World Airline Awards Methodology

Some key results are listed below, the full Award results are available to view at » World Airline Awards

The World's Top 20 Airlines 2017

  1. Qatar Airways
  2. Singapore Airlines
  3. ANA All Nippon Airways
  4. Emirates
  5. Cathay Pacific
  6. EVA Air
  7. Lufthansa
  8. Etihad Airways
  9. Hainan Airlines
  10. Garuda Indonesia
  11. Thai Airways
  12. Turkish Airlines
  13. Virgin Australia
  14. Swiss Int'l Air Lines
  15. Qantas Airways
  16. Japan Airlines
  17. Austrian
  18. Air France
  19. Air New Zealand
  20. Asiana Airlines

World's Best Cabin Staff

  1. Garuda Indonesia
  2. ANA All Nippon Airways
  3. EVA Air
  4. Thai Airways
  5. Singapore Airlines
  6. Qatar Airways
  7. Asiana Airlines
  8. Japan Airlines
  9. Cathay Pacific
  10. Hainan Airlines
  11. Austrian
  12. Lufthansa
  13. Oman Air
  14. Etihad Airways
  15. Emirates
  16. Malaysia Airlines
  17. KLM
  18. Virgin Australia
  19. Swiss Int'l Air Lines
  20. Turkish Airlines

World's Best Inflight Entertainment

  1. Emirates
  2. Qatar Airways
  3. Singapore Airlines
  4. Turkish Airlines
  5. Virgin Atlantic
  6. Lufthansa
  7. Qantas Airways
  8. Etihad Airways
  9. Delta Air Lines
  10. Thai Airways

World's Best Airline Cabin Cleanliness

  1. EVA Air
  2. ANA All Nippon Airways
  3. Japan Airlines
  4. Asiana Airlines
  5. Cathay Pacific
  6. Hainan Airlines
  7. Korean Air
  8. Qatar Airways
  9. Singapore Airlines
  10. Lufthansa

World's Best Low-Cost Airlines

  1. AirAsia
  2. Norwegian
  3. jetBlue Airways
  4. easyJet
  5. Virgin America
  6. Jetstar Airways
  7. AirAsiaX
  8. Azul Linhas Aéreas Brasileiras
  9. Southwest Airlines
  10. Indigo

World's Best First Class

  1. Etihad Airways
  2. Emirates
  3. Lufthansa
  4. Air France
  5. Singapore Airlines
  6. ANA All Nippon Airways
  7. Cathay Pacific
  8. Qatar Airways
  9. Japan Airlines
  10. Qantas Airways

World's Best Business Class

  1. Qatar Airways
  2. ANA All Nippon Airways
  3. Singapore Airlines
  4. Etihad Airways
  5. Lufthansa
  6. Turkish Airlines
  7. Garuda Indonesia
  8. Cathay Pacific
  9. Emirates
  10. EVA Air

World's Best Premium Economy Class

  1. Qantas Airways
  2. Air New Zealand
  3. Lufthansa
  4. Singapore Airlines
  5. Air France
  6. Japan Airlines
  7. Virgin Australia
  8. China Airlines
  9. Aeroflot Russian Airlines
  10. ANA All Nippon Airways

World's Best Economy Class

  1. Thai Airways
  2. Qatar Airways
  3. Asiana Airlines
  4. Garuda Indonesia
  5. Singapore Airlines
  6. Japan Airlines
  7. Emirates
  8. ANA All Nippon Airways
  9. EVA Air
  10. Lufthansa

World's Best Regional Airlines

  1. Bangkok Airways
  2. Hong Kong Airlines
  3. Cathay Dragon
  4. Alaska Airlines
  5. Aegean Airlines
  6. Avianca
  7. Porter Airlines
  8. SilkAir
  9. Copa Airlines
  10. Juneyao Airlines

A-Z of winning airlines at the 2017 World Airline Awards

Aegean Airlines
Best Regional Airline in Europe

Aeroflot Russian Airlines
Best Airline in Eastern Europe

World's Best Low-Cost Airline
Best Low-Cost Airline in Asia

AirAsia X
World's Best Low Cost Airline Premium Cabin
World's Best Low Cost Airline Premium Seat

Air Astana
Best Airline in Central Asia / India
Best Airline Staff Service in Central Asia / India

Air Canada
Best Airline in North America

Alaska Airlines
Best Regional Airline in North America
Best Airline Staff in North America

ANA All Nippon Airways
World's Best Airport Services
Best Airline Staff Service in Asia

Austrian Airlines
Best Airline Staff Service in Europe

Best Airline in South America
Best Regional Airline in South America

Azul Linhas Aereas Brasileiras
Best Low-Cost Airline in South America
Best Airline Staff in South America

Bangkok Airways
World's Best Regional Airline
Best Regional Airline in Asia

Copa Airlines
Best Airline in Central America / Caribbean
Best Airline Staff in Central America / Caribbean

World's Best Airline Inflight Entertainment
Best First Class Comfort Amenities

Ethiopian Airlines
Best Airline in Africa

Etihad Airways
World's Best First Class
Best First Class Seat
Best First Class Onboard Catering

World's Best Airline Cabin Cleanliness
Best Business Class Comfort Amenities

Best Low-Cost Airline in Africa

Best Airline in Northern Europe

Best Low Cost Airline in the Middle East

Garuda Indonesia
World's Best Cabin Crew

Hainan Airlines
Best Airline in China
Best Airline Staff Service in China

Best Low-Cost Airline in Central Asia / India

Japan Airlines
Best Economy Class Airline Seat

Jetstar Airways
Best Low-Cost Airline in Australia / Pacific

Best Airline in Europe
Best First Class Airline Lounge Dining
Best Airline in Western Europe

World's Best Long Haul Low-Cost Airline
Best Low-Cost Airline in Europe

Oman Air
Best Airline Staff in the Middle East

Plaza Premium
World's Best Independent Airport Lounge

World's Best Premium Economy Class
Best Premium Economy Class Airline Seat

Qatar Airways
World's Best Airline
World's Best Business Class
Best First Class Airline Lounge
Best Airline in the Middle East

Royal Air Maroc
Best Regional Airline in Africa

Saudi Arabian Airlines
World's Most Improved Airline

Singapore Airlines
Best Airline in Asia
Best Business Class Airline Seat
Best Premium Economy Onboard Catering

South African Airways
Best Airline Staff in Africa

Star Alliance
World's Best Airline Alliance
World's Best Airline Alliance Lounge

Thai Airways
World's Best Economy Class
Best Airline Lounge Spa Facility
Best Economy Class Onboard Catering

Thomson Airways
World's Best Leisure Airline

Turkish Airlines
World's Best Business Class Airline Lounge
Best Business Class Onboard Catering
Best Business Class Lounge Dining
Best Airline in Southern Europe

Virgin Australia
Best Airline in Australia/Pacific
Best Airline Staff in Australia/Pacific

West Air
Best Low-Cost Airline in China

About the World Airline Awards

The airline survey and awards process is independent and impartial, introduced by Skytrax in 1999 to provide a customer satisfaction study that was global, reflecting the international scale of the airline industry. Travellers across the globe vote in the world’s largest airline passenger satisfaction survey to decide the award winners.

All costs for the project are paid by Skytrax, and airlines do not pay any type of survey entry / registration fee, or to attend the awards event. There are no charges for airline use of the award logos and results. Airlines can invite and encourage their customers to participate in the airline survey, but no element of financial or other inducement can be offered.

Why do Skytrax continue to deliver such a project without seeking to benefit financially? This relates back to the commitment made by Skytrax at launch in 1999 that for the survey to provide meaningful results it had to remain independent and impartial, and should not have any payment or sponsorship from within the airline industry.

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