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About the World Airline Awards

The airline survey and awards process is independent and impartial, introduced by Skytrax in 1999 to provide a customer satisfaction study that was global, reflecting the international scale of the airline industry. Travellers across the globe vote in the world’s largest airline passenger satisfaction survey to decide the award winners.

All costs for the project are paid by Skytrax, and airlines do not pay any type of survey entry / registration fee, or to attend the awards event. There are no charges for airline use of the award logos and results. Airlines can invite and encourage their customers to participate in the airline survey, but no element of financial or other inducement can be offered.

Why do Skytrax continue to deliver such a project without seeking to benefit financially? This relates back to the commitment made by Skytrax at launch in 1999 that for the survey to provide meaningful results it had to remain independent and impartial, and should not have any payment or sponsorship from within the airline industry.

» Awards Methodology

» Award Testimonials

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