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The prestigious accolades for the world airline industry. Travellers from over 160 countries take part each year in the world’s largest airline passenger satisfaction survey to decide the award winners. The World Airline Awards are a global benchmark of airline excellence.

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Airlines speak about their success at the 2012 World Airline Awards

Qatar Airways named as the Best Airline in the World by winning Airline of the Year
Qatar Airways once again triumphed at the annual Skytrax World Airline Awards, winning three top accolades including the main award as Best Airline in the World for the second year running. Qatar Airways retained the coveted title of Airline of the Year 2012 and notched up two further awards - Best Airline in the Middle East for the seventh consecutive year and the Best Airline Staff Service award in the Middle East.

Qatar Airways CEO, Mr Akbar Al Baker hailed the achievements as a “fantastic recognition”  of all employees at Qatar Airways for their dedication and commitment to their job.  “I am extremely proud of the praise given once again by the very people who fly, the travelling public for their support and faith in Qatar Airways. Qatar Airways set out on a mission 15 years ago when we launched to be the world's best airline and spreading the airline's brand to all corners of the world. Last year we achieved that. Retaining awards is always difficult, but we have managed to do so amid the tough competition which only shows we remain focused in our day to day job of offering passengers what they fully deserve - highest standards of service in the air and on the ground”   said Mr Al Baker.
Malaysia Airlines win top award for the World's Best Cabin Staff
Earlier in the ceremony, Malaysia Airlines received the 5-Star Airline certification and their real success was winning the award for World's Best Cabin Staff. The Malaysia Airlines Satay Service was also honoured as the Best Airline Signature Dish.

Malaysia Airlines Group CEO Mr Ahmad Jauhari Yahya commented  “I am pleased that our MAS team has been recognised for its passion to deliver the best service to our guests for memorable experiences during their journey with us. It is an honour to be recognised by our passengers as leading the way in service and hospitality on board Malaysia Airlines, AND to receive this prestigious 5-star ranking. Of course, this is not the end for us. With our new fleet of planes and a significant refurbishment throughout our services, we hope to win more next year.”
AirAsia wins award as the World's Best Low-Cost Airline for the 4th consecutive year
AirAsia wins the award as the World's Best Low-Cost Airline, a fantastic achievement being the fourth consecutive year that AirAsia has triumphed in this global category.

Mr Tony Fernandes, Group CEO, AirAsia, received the World's Best Low Cost Airline award, as well as picking up the award for Best Low Cost Airline in Asia. Tony Fernandes attributed the success to his “great staff with great discipline. We fight hard to give low fares yet provide great service.”
Garuda Indonesia receives top award as the World's Best Regional Airline
The World Airline Awards provided a double success for Garuda Indonesia. The airline's President , Emirsyah Satar accepted the award for the World's Best Regional Airline and the Best Regional Airline Asia.

Garuda Indonesia's VP for Communications, Pujobroto, said “the award is the result of the hard work we have been doing so far. We will continue to work harder in order to enhance our services.”
Ten years of remarkable success for South African Airways with repeat win as the Best Airline in Africa
South African Airways (SAA) was named the Best Airline in Africa for the 10th year in a row, also receiving the Award for the Best Airline Staff Service in Africa, with Ms Cheryl Carolus, SAA Chairperson and Ms Siza Mzimela, CEO of South African Airways attending the awards at the Farnborough Air Show.

Ms Siza Mzimela, CEO of South African Airways commented: “This has again confirmed that SAA, with our excellent service and very convenient connections to 26 African destinations via our Johannesburg hub, ranks with the best in the world .We are immensely proud of our staff, because it is their consistent, professional and dedicated approach combined with our reliable fleet, our hospitable and advanced on board product and the convenient connectivity we offer through our global route network that led passengers to again rate SAA number one in Africa.”
IndiGo enjoys double success winning two major awards for Best Low-Cost Airlines and Best Staff Service
IndiGo achieved great success as Mr Aditya Ghosh, President of IndiGo received the winner's award for the Best Low Cost Airline in Central Asia and India and also for the Best Airline Staff Service in Central Asia and India.

Commenting on the Award, Mr Aditya Ghosh said: “To be recognised at the world stage for the two most prestigious accolades is indeed an exhilarating yet humbling experience. It's really big for us and this recognition is proof enough to let everybody know that customer service is not just a department but an attitude. What's even more thrilling is that we are the only airline from India to have received an award at the World Airline Awards this year. This makes the occasion even more special and momentous.”
Oman Air wins award for the World's Best Business Class Seat for second year
Oman Air were named winner of the world's Best Business Class Seat for the second year running, and the Award was received by the CEO of Oman Air, Mr Wayne Pearce..

Commenting on the Award, Mr Pearce said: “Winning Best Business Class Seat in the World for the second consecutive year is an outstanding accolade, as is being nominated in so many other categories, and I would like to thank the World Airline Awards and all those who voted for Oman Air. This award recognises the superb quality of our Business Class product and the number of votes that Oman Air received indicates not only that our customers are impressed by their passenger experience, but also that our Business Class service truly exceeds their expectations. Ever since we introduced our A330 Business Class seat, with its unparalleled comfort, space and luxury, customers have often mistaken it for First Class and it is clear that our focus on delivering the very best in all areas of our work is appreciated by air travellers around the world.”
Air Transat triumphs in winning award as the World's Best Leisure Airline
Air Transat was named as the World's Best Leisure Airline by air travellers, the award received by Director of Airports, Mr John Hetherington.

Mr Allen B. Graham, CEO of Air Transat commented: “We are very proud to receive this important distinction. The World Airline Awards are the most prestigious an airline can receive, and the fact that it recognizes Air Transat as the world's leading airline in our category makes it that much more important. Furthermore, we receive this award as we begin to refurbish our cabins, which will guarantee a considerably improved in-flight experience. Satisfied passengers haven't seen anything yet.”
ANA All Nippon Airways receives top award as the Best Airline Transpacific
ANA All Nippon Airways, had a good year at the awards entering the Top 10 Global Airline ranking at Number 5, with Mr Tetsuo Fukuda, ANA Senior Vice President  and Head of Customer Service & Products receiving the award for Best Transpacific Airline.

Mr Tetsuo Fukuda commented: “We are very proud and honored to receive the Best Transpacific Airline Award from SKYTRAX. As a full-service airline, ANA will continue to provide best-in-class products and services that clearly distinguish us from the low cost carriers, with the goal of becoming Asia’s Number One airline for quality and customer satisfaction. Under our brand concept ‘Inspiration of Japan’, we are working hard to exceed passengers' expectations and deliver an outstanding in-flight experience.”
Air Canada continues winning streak being named as the Best International Airline in North America
Ending a previous series of wins in the category by Thomson Airways, Air Transat was named as the World's Best Leisure Airline by air travellers, the award received by Director of Airports, Mr John Hetherington.

Mr Calin Rovinescu, President and CEO of Air Canada commented:  “We are delighted that the Skytrax World Airline Awards has again recognized Air Canada as the Best International Airline in North America. It affirms Air Canada's ranking among the world's best airlines and underscores the success of our strategy to transform Air Canada into an international powerhouse. This top rating by air travelers for three consecutive years demonstrates that passengers appreciate the Air Canada travel experience including our recently expanded, award-winning seatback entertainment system offering, concierge service, enhanced mobile and online services and the evolution of our Maple Leaf lounge product. The award also recognizes the dedication and professionalism of Air Canada employees in delivering our world class products and services and taking care of our customers.”
Cathay Pacific Airways triumphs, receiving award for the World's Best Business Class
Cathay Pacific received great commendation of their new product by winning the award for World's Best Business Class. 

Mr John Slosar, CEO of Cathay Pacific said:  “This year's award becomes even more meaningful as our new Business Class is a genuine collaboration between our customers and our own team. The customers know best. This is why in designing the business class product we talked to our customers, listened to their feedback, and then incorporated those features they told us would provide them with the optimal balance of productivity, comfort, and privacy. This is a seating environment truly designed by the people who use it.  Of course the best seat would be just a seat were it not complemented by outstanding service. People do make an airline - and this is not just an advertising slogan. They are the winning element that can't be easily replicated and we're fortunate that, on the ground and in the air, we have the industry's best people serving our customers. My thanks go to the many, many Cathay Pacific staff who make possible our award-winning service.”
Etihad Airways enjoys success winning the Best First Class Airline awards for third consecutive year
Etihad Airways has landed all three First Class titles at the prestigious Skytrax World Airline Awards 2012, winning the Best First Class Airline title, as well as being the winner of awards for Best First Class Seats and Best First Class Airline Catering.

Mr Peter Baumgartner, CCO of Etihad Airways commented:  "To once again win these Skytrax Awards in the First Class category is a fantastic achievement for Etihad Airways. The Skytrax awards are renowned across the world for reflecting the thoughts and views of millions of air travellers and we are delighted that our premium service and product is considered the industry’s very best. We are immensely proud of being the youngest airline with the fastest rise into the elite group of best airlines listed in the Skytrax ranking. Air travellers who take part in the survey vote on every element of their travel experience, and this recognition indicates that our premium innovations pay dividends as they meet the expectations of the discerning traveller who again voted us the best."
Emirates retains world title for the Best Airline Inflight Entertainment
Emirates achieved a remarkable repeat success at the 2012 World Airline Awards, with air travellers worldwide again naming Emirates as having the World's Best Airline Inflight Entertainment.

"Emirates continues with it's long standing winning record in taking this award for the Best Airline Inflight Entertainment for 2012, and they must be very proud of this fantastic customer recognition of their inflight entertainment standards. As an onboard product amenity, inflight entertainment has become a great quality differentiator and continues to grow in importance for customer satisfaction rankings. Emirates clearly remains a favourite airline for this amongst passengers" said Edward Plaisted of Skytrax.
Air travellers vote Jetstar Airways the Best Low-Cost Airline in the Australia and Pacific region
"Jetstar Airways continues to be the stand out performer in this region amongst the low cost airlines, and this award for Best Low-Cost Airline in Australia & Pacific is a great accolade that reflects the hard work of both management and staff in clearly delivering high standards of customer satisfaction,” said Edward Plaisted of Skytrax.

The CEO of the Jetstar Group, Jayne Hrdlicka, said such recognition from air travellers was testament to the team delivering the Jetstar experience to around 20 million passengers each year. "Australia and the Pacific are major markets for the Jetstar business and our staff can be very proud of this recognition from the most important judges, our customers. For both Jetstar Airways and Jetstar Asia to be recognised as some of Asia's best reflects our Group-wide focus on delivering consistent, quality services across the region at a price point that means more people can afford to fly," Ms Hrdlicka said.
Virgin Australia Best Airline in Australia Pacific region and Best Staff Service in Australia Pacific region
Virgin Australia was recognised at the prestigious 2012 Skytrax World Airline Awards for Best Airline in the Australia Pacific region, and the Best Airline Staff Service in the Australia Pacific region.

Mark Hassell, Virgin Australia’s Group Executive of Brand and Customer Experience commented: "We are very proud to have achieved Best Airline in our region as it highlights our success in repositioning Virgin Australia as the airline of choice for all market segments. To have won Best Staff Service for the second consecutive year is a credit to the exceptional work of our team members and their ongoing dedication to delivering superior service to our guests. Over the past eighteen months, we have introduced a range of new product and service initiatives designed to enhance the travel experience and we are pleased that they are making a real difference for our guests."
Virgin America score a hat-trick of success at the 2012 Skytrax World Airline Awards
Virgin America scored a hat-trick of success at the 2012 World Airline Awards, with air travelers voting Virgin America as the Best Domestic Airline in North America, the Best Low-Cost Airline in North America, and the Best Airline Staff Service in North America.

Virgin America's President and CEO, Mr  David Cush, commented:  "We are incredibly honored to be recognized once again with World Airline Awards, since they reflect the views of experienced travelers across the globe. While we are proud to be recognized in all three categories, the award for best staff service is particularly gratifying for our teammates who have worked so hard to build a different kind of domestic airline."
TAM Airlines success at World Airline Awards, as Best Airline South America, and Best Staff Service South America
TAM Airlines enjoyed a double success at the 2012 World Airline Awards, with air travellers voting TAM Airlines as Best Airline in South America, and also the airline with the Best Staff Service in South America.

Mr Manoela Amaro, TAM Airlines Marketing Director commented: "Repeating the feat for a second year in a survey as important as that undertaken by Skytrax, involving more than 18.8 million passengers from over one hundred and fifty countries, and involving more than 200 airlines, is proof that TAM is on the right track, and continues to work to offer an unforgettable travel experience to its customers."
Finnair is a repeat winner of the Best Airline in Northern Europe award for 2012
Ms Arja Suominen, Finnair SVP Communications commented: "Finnair is organised first and foremost around the needs of the customer, and our goal is to give peace of mind to travellers at every stage of their journey."
For the second year in a row, Turkish Airlines named Europe’s Best Airline at Skytrax World Airline Awards
Turkish Airlines scored a resounding success at the 2012 World Airline Awards, with air travellers voting the airline as the Best Airline in Europe, the second year running Turkish Airlines has walked away with this coveted award. Turkish Airline also wons the Awards for the Best Airline in Southern Europe and the Best Airline Premium Economy Seat

Turkish Airlines President and CEO, Dr Temel Kotil commented: "We have always held our staff to the highest of standards to ensure we are delivering a superior product and unparalleled service to our customers. Winning this award from Skytrax on behalf of the traveling public is an honor and serves as proof that our efforts have paid off."
Aegean Airlines success at World Airline Awards, named the Best Regional Airline Europe.
Aegean Airlines delivered a hat-trick success at the 2012 World Airline Awards, with air travellers again voting Aegean Airlines as Best Regional Airline in Europe

Edward Plaisted of Skytrax commented:  "For the third time in four years, Aegean Airlines customers have ensured that the airline achieves it's deserved recognition by winning the award for the Best Regional Airline in Europe. This repeat result is an excellent achievement and Aegean Airlines should be proud of this customer recognition of quality consistency. Aegean Airlines continues to be a favourite amongst passengers and it is very noteworthy that it has also maintained its place in the top-25 global airlines."